When you think of drones, what comes to mind? Okay, but there are actually 4 TYPES of drones and each is different. The word drone and UAV are interchangeable. UAV is any Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. You can understand why given its meaning the SAFETY aspect of UAV training, it is a VEHICLE. (1)The majority of UAVs which come to mind first are the Multi-Rotor drone. These drones have multiple propellers above their compact body, some fold into a smaller size for greater portability. These vary in ways such as “follow me” mode, thermal, size and a variety of business aspects. (2) Fixed Wing drones look more like conventional planes in appearance. The static wings have many advantages. These include efficiency, travel longer distances and yep, they are zippier. They are pricier and require more flight experience than the multi-rotor. (3) Single-rotor Helicopter drones are a combination of the attributes of multi-rotor and single wing UAVs. These drones have the ability to hover and launch vertically. Wow! Think about that for a moment. If you haven’t witnessed this drone, it defies anything described about it. (4) Fixed-wing hybrid VTOL drones are the latest in our industry. These drones are incredibly versatile. These drones have the long distance capabilities of a Fixed wing but can take flight vertically like a rotor based drone. This an amazing extension of UAVs and the combined capabilities to customize and a good choice for early adopters.