Is the FAA Part 107 exam more difficult this year with it’s new regulations? It isn’t really about the new regulations. There are a few questions concerning the new regulations. It depends mostly on how much you seriously study for the exam and KNOW the FAA Part 107 regulations. This year they have focused on safety first and personal logic. In other words, “Are you able to think your way out of a dangerous situation?” Good question. UAVs are dangerous and as a UAV pilot it reminds me of a former business we operated in the early 2000’s. Our MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) school used this California-based program to train motorcycle riders, because it is dangerous to ride a motorcycle. Riders needed a license to operate a motorcycle, makes sense, right? Just like it is dangerous to fly a UAV device, you need a license. There are different licenses for different dangers. FAA has added questions not specific to UAV testing. The FAA is making a statement. You will understand the FAA Part 107 or you don’t fly. We agree there are some questions that have nothing to do with UAV flight in of itself. Know the Part 107 material. We can’t stress this enough. If you know the FAA Part 107 you have a much better chance to pass the exam. So is it more difficult to pass? It’s up to you. It is and has always been a difficult exam and not to be taken lightly. We support all “safety first” UAV pilots. Thank you from 3rd Rock Air for your example to other UAV pilots.