About Us


3rd Rock Air is not the first business we have operated with “Safety First” being our guiding principle. We have studied the FAA Part 107 and built our courses around not only ensuring that you understand the material but emphasizing pertinent safety issues.

In 1998, we developed our own motorcycle course based on the MSF(Motorcycle Safety Foundation) program. As motorcyclists with 40 years of experience, we witnessed life threatening situations and bad habits among our peers. Our strong belief and motto “Safety First” motivated us to form an unparalleled MSF school. We trained 600-800 students annually over a 6 year span.

We were the Number 1 MSF school in Florida, not only according to us, but the Florida State DOT. Our Motorcycle Instructors were off-duty Hillsborough County Motorcycle Officers. Try telling an motorcycle officer you should have passed the MSF course. Safety first!

As motorcyclists and business owners, we felt there was a need for interaction between our instructors and students, so we served a catered lunch. During lunch, our students would discuss tales of personal experience, great riding locations, additional questions concerning the MSF program, etc. in a more casual setting. Each student rode a brand new 250cc motorcycle (which were maintained and cleaned before every course), and was provided with a “must wear”new helmet. Our officers demonstrated the “art” of up-righting a motorcycle ( not found in the MSF program).

We sold the company in 2004 and relocated to Northern California accepting offers for Expert Witness contracts in Telecommunications and continuing our telecommunications training.

From our past safety first values and 38 years of instructor experience, we understand students digest information individually. For us it was a “no-brainer”, to instruct students in way they will understand.

3rd Rock Air is the ONLY Instructor Led Drone Flight school based in Florida. As our student, you will realize the difference between other flight school promises and what WE provide for you. 3rd Rock Air provides

  • Instructor led hands-on flight instruction,
  • The FAA Part 107 test review course,
  • Professional drone Cinematography/Photography courses,
  • LIVE On-line (including Mobile devices) FAA Part 107 test review

In addition to our courses, each student receives a SYMA DRONE for manual flight experience, over 150 page manual with chapters covering FAA Part 107 information in layman's terms, Diagrams and Charts, Sample Test Quiz, and of course, lunch.

After you take our courses, we are available to help you with any questions you may have or advice on purchasing a drone.

With 3rd Rock Air, we won't leave you hanging....we are educators who believe in our students and their success. If a student does not pass the FAA Part 107 the first time, we welcome you to take our course again FREE.

You will be instructed with the 3 Most Popular DJI drones: Mavic 2 Pro, Inspire 2, Phantom 3. For those looking to purchase a drone, these 3 drones may help you choose the best drone or drone type. You can experience first hand the advantages and disadvantages for your commercial and/or personal goals based on your needs. Keep in mind, you may not want to be limited to one drone type in your business or personal enjoyment.

Yes, we are quite proud of our work ethics and business experience. We are positively different. We couldn't educate our students in any other way. Become our student and experience our passion! At 3rd Rock Air we understand the drive and pride of becoming a drone pilot. We believe in you.