About Us


We provide an exceptional higher standard of education to our drone pilot students based on our “Safety First” mission. Our staff are full time employees devoted to the success of our students. As educators, we begin with the basics. The basics are the building blocks to succeed in passing the FAA Part 107 test and professional flight skills. We are a 5 star rated training company due to our individual approach to educating our students. This is crucial in our challenging UAV world.

The drone pilot license testing has always been difficult, but we cover ALL FAA Regulations as required in order to pass the FAA Part 107 test. 3rd Rock Air instructors have the ability to provide the education needed to become an exceptional FAA drone pilot. Our instructors are required to have a minimum 5 years experience as a dedicated FAA licensed pilot and are seasoned educators with compassion and patience.

3rd Rock Air has a fleet of (7) seven of the most sophisticated commercially used drones in the industry. These drones are used in our 2- day test prep & flight skills course and also one day flight course. During introductions, our instructors ask, “Is there a particular drone or purchased drone you are interested in and would like to fly?” Each student will have the opportunity for hands-on flight with the instructor by your side.

We are the only drone school in Oklahoma offering the industry's most sophisticated drones for student evaluation and individual experiences. Our course details each of our drones capabilities, differences and technical comparisons which address their professional needs. We begin our flight skills course with the DJI Mini SE, as a beginner drone and move on to the importance of manual operation with the Phantom 3. Then each student will have the opportunity for hands-on training on the Air 2S, Mavic 3, Inspire 2 with the X5S camera, Skydio 2 and the Parrot Anafi Thermal.

The FAA Part 107 review course is taught by an instructor and mentor who encourages our students to surpass their own goals. In addition to the courses taught, our students will receive pertinent manuals. We have researched, collaborated and developed (2) two manuals as reference and study guides for the FAA Part 107 test prep and a Flight Skills manual.

Our students represent the professionally trained and safety first drone pilots people expect to encounter when it comes to drone piloting. We teach our students to be respectful and are examples of an exceptional confident drone pilot to their community.

We support all safety first professional FAA drone pilots. 3rd Rock Air is always available to answer questions not only by our students but also the many potential pilots needing answers. We hope you'll choose us to educate and experience our 5 star company values.

We believe in you!

Why should I choose 3rd Rock Air? What make us unique?

First, we are seasoned educators with a “safety first” mission. Safety is absolutely the most important lesson when becoming a FAA drone pilot. It's our responsibility as plots to know the FAA regulations and practice them. It's a privilege becoming a FAA drone pilot.

Second, 3rd Rock Air is a higher level of education. We choose to go beyond expectations, we mentor our students during and after our courses. We keep our class size limit to 6 students, which enables us to guide and understand students and their educational needs to be a safety first pilot. As FAA pilots, we protect our privilege using our knowledge and experience through higher education.

Third, we're live and in person! 3rd Rock Air is our full time job. It takes a devoted FAA pilot instructor to recognize your tendencies as a potential drone pilot.

We offer a pathway for today and into your future. By taking one of our courses, you'll join our growing industry. This pathway is exciting, from solo film making, creating mapping and thermography landscapes, drones as an art form and everything in between. The world is your oyster!

We appreciate your interest and consideration. We are a 5 star rated company.

What does higher education mean? What makes us worth it?

Flight School:

We begin our flight school with a safety vest and a DJI Mini SE as a beginner drone. Everyone flies the Mini SE with the FAA instructor pilot.  This is a very important step in realizing and respecting aerial boundaries and safety. Our student may then chose to fly our Air 2S, Mavic 3, Inspire 2 with X5S camera, Skydio 2, Parrot Anafi Thermal... that makes us pretty unique. But there's more....

Scheduled Classes:

We have scheduled classes in the Tulsa area. We are the only drone training school with dates and location. Our courses are on our website. 3rd Rock Air has professional ethical standards regarding your time, safety and interest in training to be a confident and trustworthy FAA drone pilot.

Educational Materials:

As educators, it's necessary to provide educational materials to our students. Each student attending the FAA Part 107 course will receive a 200 page manual with complete FAA regulations AND recommendations full of detailed information and examples to pass the exam. But in layman's terms. If you are a student in our flight skills class, you'll receive a 140 page manual based on safety, technical aspects of flight, drone applications plus up to date business opportunities. Those students who have chosen our 2 day course will receive the FAA Part 107 manual and the Flight Skills manual. Both are in layman's terms.

We want to bring out the best and the safest FAA pilot you can be and become an exploratory pilot in any industry you chose to fly.