The Sky is no longer the Limit


Seeing how drones are a daily part of life, news, sports, first responders, construction, etc., you most likely know someone who owns a drone or your company is using drones in projects or filling job positions with people who have drone experience. The futuristic predictors have been blind-sided by the number of drone owners and businesses using drone technology than could have ever been anticipated. Wow! Old school thinking, right?

No one can predict innovation in a market such as this. With today's technology in mobile devices, 3D printing, cinematography and so on, the sky is no longer the limit. Take social media for example, who would have been able to accurately predicted this? Today, you either get with the program or find yourself settled with obsolete knowledge and skill sets.

In 2020 a drone will be able to provide home surveillance...so you as the homeowner, will be able to “customize” your home security. That's right, your the boss. These surveillance systems will be affordable to the rich “techie” consumer in 2020. But what about 2021?

The progress is unstoppable. Wouldn't it be amazing to view your OWN property? Currently, your security alarm alerts you..but what is it? With today's type of security, you arm it, then the alarm alerts you....is it because someone opened a door or window by mistake? How often do you receive an embarrassing phone call or police visit after arming your system only to find out it was a family member or guests?

Bottom line, with these whizz-bang devices, you are still going to need drone training, knowledge of the FAA regulations (Part 107) and safety education. But after you set these home surveillance systems up, well, it's autonomous. You have now become much more independent and educated in this drone world. This is exciting stuff!