DJI Inspire 2 versus entire DJI Mavic Series-It remains the best!

There are differences between the DJI Mavic 3 Standard, Classic, Enterprise, Thermal, Multi-spectral and the Cine. But will the differences top the legendary DJI Inspire 2? No, they don’t. Adding the Zenmuse X5S Gimbal to the Inspire 2 continues to film and photograph the best quality productions ever. Why rule it out? It’s time consuming to set-up and break down, but continues to thrill clientele with its impressive size and remarkable capabilities. DJI Inspire 2 has around half the battery life as the DJI Mavic 3 Series. But when using the DJI Inspire 2, drones with a longer battery life are used to “scout” the area first. In fact there are a number of drones which will easily fulfill this need. A new DJI Inspire 2 Standard Kit with Zenmuse X5S Gimbal costs $3,999 or less for refurbished or used.