What does HLG mean and how does this affect Mavic 3 video footage? The HLG add-on was the latest firmware update for the Mavic 3 as promised by DJI in January 2022. If you don’t know what HLG means, you’re not alone. It may sound like a new “techie” acronym, but it’s been around as long as HDR and Dolby-Vision. The function of HLG on the Mavic 3 is important for anyone who wants to limit their editing time plus view their video footage while on location. Say you’re taking video and you’re not sure if you caught the images you wanted, this gives you the ability to view the video in high dynamic range (HDR) before leaving your location. For most Mavic 3 users, the HLG function is very important because they’re using this drone for exceptional picture quality with perhaps less editing. But keep in mind, the editing software used can have the same impact on your videos as HLG. We use DaVinci over Adobe for that very reason, incredible color grading. Plus with DaVinci, we own our work and don’t have to subscribe to it like with Adobe. Like Adobe, it’s a difficult learning curve. But it was well worth it. The HLG function and DaVinci editing software made editing a breeze with incredible results. The HLG function is a function on most of the DJI drones such as the Mini 3 Pro, Air 2S, Mavic 2, etc.