The DJI Overload and Your Budget
After DJI rolled out their new drones in the Fall 2021 and the Spring 2022, there was a lot of confusion about what to buy. It’s a lot to digest. But price point is critical to most of us. By comparison newer isn’t always better. For example, the Inspire 2 vs Mavic 3. Upgrading the Inspire 2 with a X5S lens (micro 4/3 sensor with interchangeable lens), the picture quality is far superior to the stand alone Mavic 3. But upgrade the Mavic 3 with the Cine version and you’re talking about a $3000 up grade. The Inspire 2 X5S lens are around $1000. That’s a $2000 price difference. This is just one example of how to stick to your budget and grow at the same time. Anticipating the release of DJI drones is similar to Microsoft and their anticipated products. “Leaked rumors”…. whatever, can stall a great opportunity to get into the business. Besides, show up with an Inspire 2 with a X5S lens and eyes widen with its impressive size. Does one buy what’s currently on the market or wait in anticipation for the next DJI drone? Are you being convinced that drones currently available on the market won’t be enough to grow your business or your start up? If you’re not planning on being a world renowned photographer, most of the newer drones are overkill for most small businesses. As business owners, we just want to emphasize after chasing UAV technology, it can be overwhelming. Educate yourself with any drone before purchasing it.