3rd Rock Air- a Higher Level of Education and Understanding for FAA Part 107 Drone Training

We provide a higher level of education and understanding of each and every building block needed for the FAA Part 107 UAV training. But we also have over 40 years of educational development, research and improvement of current repetitive information and education out there now. At 3rd Rock Air, instructors and staff are full time employees who provide answers long after students receive their drone pilot license. Our company cheers students to further their professional UAV direction and safety first education. Going the extra mile is teaching a higher level of education and comprehension without trying…as educators, we couldn’t teach any other way. As a company, we stand behind our diligent mission, hence our 5 stars. If we didn’t feel we are the best, we certainly wouldn’t offer the ability to repeat the course again if our student doesn’t pass the FAA Part 107. Over 5 years and hundreds of students later, we are so proud of the professional drone pilots we’ve trained and their example of a professionally educated FAA UAV pilot. It’s a true accomplishment.