Part 107 : Becoming a UAV pilot if you are Color Blind
Currently there are no exceptions for color blind people when taking the FAA Part 107 exam. The ability to see color on a colored sectional chart during the timed Part 107 exam could make the exam more difficult. This may be something to consider before taking the exam. We do not foresee any changes to these regulations presently. There is a discussion between color blindness and disability. We couldn’t predict the length of time for a disability claim. We can only suggest studying the “meat and potatoes” of these sectional charts, not the color. Becoming the best sectional chart reader you know IS very satisfying. At 3rd Rock Air, we give our students the opportunity to attend the FAA Part 107 course if they fail the exam. It’s safety first. We don’t add any frills to our instruction. Our mission is to help you understand a remote pilot’s responsibilities, not just for themselves but for others. Thank you for your interest.