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If your proposed land development requires the monitoring of wildlife movement and habitat, the use of drones is a quiet alternative to other methods. With our autonomous flight capabilities, we will program our drones to fly routes at altitudes which minimize the impact on the wildlife we’re monitoring.


Drones are the easiest way to create topographic surveys of existing or future job sites. Rather than relying on expensive and time consuming terrestrial surveys, flying a drone over your site allows you to build accurate digital elevation models or point clouds 5-10 times faster than traditional methods. This data can also be used to calculate stockpile volumetrics*

Real Estate

Using videography and photography to “Tell the Story” of a home, property or company will enhance it’s desirability in the marketplace. 3rd Rock Air owns and operates some of the highest quality equipment available including drones, editing software, video and audio equipment, and a studio all “in house” at your disposal. We are your one stop drone service and professional studio.

Construction Monitoring

Using drones to monitor the progress of a construction project is not only smart, but economical. Plus, not subjecting company personnel to potentially hazardous situations can lower your “at work” injury claims. Our drones can be programmed to fly the exact same route every time so that your Project Manager will be assured of having the data he or she needs.


Whether you operate a water plant, cell tower, power high-line or wind farm, let us reduce your manpower requirements and cost by inspecting them with our drones. By using drones for this task, you minimize the need for company personnel to work in potentially hazardous situations. Our FAA certified pilots are trained to operate in this environment.

*Surveying and mapping services requiring certification, will need to be contracted out to a licensed surveyor and mapper as required by State law.