About Us

We have two divisions, drone videography/photography and drone flight instruction. The video production services we provide are the artistic side of our business and are used to “Tell the Story” of your property, company or home. We use this medium to portray the intimate relationships between land, people, resources and environmental issues. We understand that property development is both a financial and personal endeavor.

We are passionate about drone video and photography production. Being certified FAA drone pilots, we teach classes, based strictly on FAA regulations. These classes teach the skills needed for the operation of high end drones,such as DJI's Phantom 4 and the Inspire 2. 3rd Rock Air owns and operates some of the highest quality equipment available including drones, editing software, video and audio equipment, and a studio all “in house” at your disposal. There is no outsourcing to hold up production. We are your one stop drone service and professional studio.

The value in gaining trust, creating excitement and the production of an untold story is our personal goal. Let us Wow you with our passion to go the extra mile. We are grateful for the opportunities we have experienced both past and present working closely with outstanding companies and organizations. Working with our company in the thrilling world of drone video and photography services and or drone flight training you can be assured of having a team committed to your project or dream who will use all the resources available to fulfill your expectations.


We understand your needs because as owners of 5 completely diverse businesses, it was our dependability, compassion and personal connection that allowed us to be successful. Our company's have included motorcycle safety training for the Motorcycle Safety Training Program (MSF), which was rated the top training school by the FL Rider Training Program for 6 years during 1998-2004, employing off duty motorcycle officers as instructors and ourselves, instructing 600-800 students annually. Our Marketing Director, a former Smith & Associates agent, brings her years of experience to our business so that we truly understand your needs.

In addition, we have over 40 years experience in Telecommunication Cabling Design holding positions as Chairman, President and CEO of BICSI, one of the largest telecommunication organization in the world. As a team, we developed numerous telecom manuals which were resources for the industry. With decades of experience, we also provide expert witness services for telecom litigation representing clients such as NASA, Verizon and University of California-San Francisco to name a few.

But there has to be more to life than an office, courtroom or conference. Where does one find the freedom of motorcycling, the excitement of telecommunication, a keen photographer's eye, imagination and a deep seated compassion for our environment.......the answer for us was drones.

In whatever we do, we strive to use cutting edge technology with old school values.