About Us

Who we are

David Cranmer is the owner of 3rd Rock Air and during his career has taught thousands of students over many industries. He has designed and taught programs on such diverse topics as Motorcycle Safety, Telecommunications Design, Virtual Environments, Photography, etc. He has founded and run 5 companies. And 3rd Rock Air uses all of that knowledge and the same successful operations model to train pilots on the safe operation of drones.


As the owner of a Motorcycle Safety Training company, he and his staff of instructors trained 600-800 students per year on the safe operation of motorcycles. He has trained telecommunications designers around the world on codes and standards. While working with virtual environments, he helped a California University develop their Masters Program using a virtual campus. As an Expert Witness for motorcycle accident reconstruction and telecommunications design and construction, he acquired the knowledge to teach students how to avoid many of the legal pitfalls in their operations.

Where do we go from here?

The phenomal rise in popularity of drones, quadcopters, UAVs or whatever you want to call them can be attributed to a number of factors. Not too many years ago, this was considered a geek hobby, but some savy manufacturers picked up on the trend and fast tracked it into the mainstream public . Drones are not important for what they are but are important for the data they can acquire. The world runs on data these days and drones are simply a platform to be used to get the data you need to run your company or department.

We believe that drones are not a fad and will become an integral part of our daily lives. From cinema to construction to real estate and beyond, drones will become a major disruptor in many industries. Recent studies indicate the drone industry to be worth over $120 Billion dollars by 2020.

Our goal is to give you the skills you need to operate a drone safely and a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations affecting their use.